MnDOT Seeking Feedback on New Central Ave Safety Features

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MnDOT Seeking Feedback on New Central Ave Safety Features

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has installed several new temporary pedestrian/bicycle safety features at six intersections on Highway 65 (Central Ave) between Gould Ave and 50th Ave.

Bump-outs or curb extensions shorten crossing distances and can improve visibility between drivers and pedestrians/bicyclists. They also calm traffic by making the crosswalk more noticeable to drivers and can help slow traffic speeds. Extending the median in the middle of the roadway provides a safe area for pedestrians and bicyclists to stop while crossing the highway.

Short-term, temporary demonstration projects like this provide a low-cost way to change the layout of streets and crosswalks to possibly improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. These projects are done in areas where improved crosswalk safety is a high priority. Public feedback is needed to help MnDOT evaluate the results of the changes and determine if more long-term, permanent changes are needed.

The public is invited to provide feedback on these traffic changes by filling out MnDOT's online comment form.

For additional details, please see MnDOT's news release.